G’day and welcome to Fancy Spinning a Yarn

A Pioneer skill for the Modern Age

Learn the ancient craft of Spinning Yarn, and enjoy being creative --and warm! Spinning yarn is environmentally friendly because the wheel is powered by legs and feet. There is only a smooth and rhythmic sound as the wheel spins, encouraging relaxation and enjoyment.

Spinning yarn is also creative, combining fibres, colours and techniques in all different ways producing various exciting textures and effects. You will develop your own style.

The reward of spinning yarn is not only in the satisfaction of preparing the materials but also in the completing and wearing a garment you have made yourself, from first principles. Spinning yarn is easily taught in a lesson or class situation, and opportunities to learn in Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs are available all year round. Join me, Marion, and let me show you a new way to put some spin in your life!

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